As we welcome extreme cold and snowy weather, we’re reaching out to help you best prepare for the season. A few reminders:

❄️ The furnace exhaust vent cannot be covered with snow. If the vent cannot properly function due to being covered and packed with snow, it will not operate correctly and power the furnace off. (Photo 1)

❄️ Much like the furnace vent, exterior gas meters should also be monitored. If they are snow packed or covered, the vent cannot properly regulate pressure and can lead to an interruption in service, a fire, and in extreme cases, an explosion. Please make sure after substantial snow you check and/or clear your gas meter.  (Photo 2)

❄️ Moisture built up on windows and dryer/bathroom vents can freeze and cause a slight cracking sound. This is a normal occurrence with the extreme cold temperatures outside versus the warm and cozy inside of your home. There are several steps we suggest as preventative measures:
• Keep air moving through your home by using your ceiling fans in all rooms where able.
• Make sure you have a clean furnace filter, replace if needed.
• Keep garage doors closed at all times.

❄️ If there is a fire hydrant on your lot, we advise you to clear 3 feet of snow in all directions and ensure a clear path to the street. Emergency workers can work efficiently with a cleared hydrant and keep you and your neighbors safe. (Photo 3)

❄️ To be best prepared for when the snow will eventually melt, avoid pushing moved snow against your home and if possible, clear large quantities of snow from roofs. In doing so, your chances of an ice jam or flooded basement are greatly reduced.